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Adult sex chat free messaging etc

Here’s a typical online chat session: Person A: Quick question.

However, there is one pet peeve that most individuals share when using online chat: Silence I’m not referring to the natural pauses that occur during a normal back & forth online conversation, but rather to the (sometimes intentional) disappearing act that people choose to do after reading an IM message.

New dialects of slang, such as leet or Lolspeak, develop as ingroup internet memes rather than time savers.

Person B: *Silence* (for quite a while) Person A: Still there??

Person B: *More Silence* Here are 8 interpretations that go on inside Person A’s mind: So basically, Person A starts making assumptions and acting upon those assumptions, and that almost always leads to miscommunication issues.

I use Instant Messaging (IM) a lot in my job to manage my team and connect with friends.

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