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When I began to realize how my Five Vital Intelligences--physical, emotional, mental, moral, and spiritual--work together, I began to find some real answers to how to live a happy, human life.In our "modern" world we are asked to do just that - divide ourselves from our bodies - to depend exclusively on one cylinder of being a human - our reason and our thinking mind.The experience comes and goes quickly, but it fills you with knowing, a moment of recognition, a whisper of truth, a nudge to "Go here now." But in the next moment your mind says, " Oh that can’t be right, or you forget the moment entirely - when really, those are the moments given us by our bodies, in concert with our souls and the spirit of life which are meant to guide us to heal. There are many paths to reclaiming our body’s treasure. They are our home; the place where we live every moment of our lives.He also shines alight on the importance of Physical Intelligence in Being Human. I was afraid of my body; the intensity of feeling and sensation.I had no idea how to access the wisdom my body has for me.We separate ourselves from the wisdom of our bodies - which is nonverbal experiences, highly indescribable in words and largely metaphoric and symbolic in its language.

Big Mind is a very simple, yet powerful and rapid way to help you shift your perspective; a dramatic shift into your wisdom, self-realization, and actualization; a shift that may take a meditator many years to accomplish.

Big Mind, developed by American Zen Master Dennis Genpo Merzel Roshi, combines Zen meditation with the insights of such visionary western figures as Carl Jung, Fritz Perls, and Hal Stone (Voice Dialogue), enabling virtually anyone to experience their true enlightened nature, a realization they can further deepen through meditation practice.

This quote comes from the Irish novelist James Joyce's short story, THE DUBLINERS.

In his writings, Joyce examines the journey of the human soul in the modern world. I have lived a short distance from my body most of my life.

I rode 23 miles a few days ago and will work to 69 miles for our last training ride. These five key elements explain every aspect of your consciousness and experience.

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I'm feeling good, ready to ride, and getting ready to climb Kilimanjaro in 11 months, and some days. Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory is called “The theory of everything.” President Bill Clinton, speaking at the World Economic Forum, said, “If you want to raise consciousness in the world and to solve the world’s problems, study Ken Wilber; read Integral Theory.”During February, you will experience the five key elements of Ken Wilber’s Integral Spirituality: States of consciousness, Stages of growth, Types--boy or girl, Lines of development & multiple intelligences, Quadrants—the four fundamental perspectives of any experience.

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