Darryl stephens dating jensen atwood

Darryl stephens dating jensen atwood

Here's the money quote from Clay Cane: "Some would argue the real mystery is not if they are gay or straight, but, why aren't the ones who are gay just admitting it? By the way, we're not sure why so many black gay men enjoy Wendy Williams. As evidenced above, it seems more like she is laughing at us.

In regard to Chester, Wendy yelled, "THERE IS NO MYSTERY!

" She proceeded to jabber about his poppin' lip gloss, all of the gay-oriented roles he has played, being a choreographer—things she argued were stereotypically gay…this must be what Larry King felt in that scary interview with Clay Aiken in 2006.

A bewildered Wendy surveyed the room and asked who thought Chester was gay—the entire room raised their hands.

, has been on the promotions tour for the second season DVD edition of the now-canceled television series.

As multi-talented as the actor-dancer-choreographer may be, one of his assets (along with several other cast members) has not been candor around his sexuality.

At best, the sexually ambiguous branding helped attract female fans; at worst it, alienated gay male fans, especially after numerous cast members received recognition awards from black gay groups.

More or less the same frustration mainstream gay groups expressed with Sean Hayes.

Clay Cane gives the play-by-play to the melodrama: Wendy made a comment about Rodney Chester being gay.

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Chester quickly responded with, "Who said I was gay?

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