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The tiny charity, run from a garden shed, saved her life by showing her there was hope.And now she campaigns for better care for all thyroid patients.On a medical cocktail of 18 drugs a day, she lost her hair and became obese, even fearing her illness was damaging her son Drew’s health.For six years, doctors refused to acknowledge Lorraine's symptoms were down to the removal of her thyroid.“He said all these people who had their thyroid removed had been in the same boat as me – but they were getting better. My gut had always told me it was because of my thyroid and not different conditions.” “I owe my life to that tiny charity that’s run out of a shed by a thyroid patient.As soon as I found those other patients’ stories it was like coming home.A mum was so set on suicide that she even set the date she planned to end her own life.

I didn’t think there was hope as we’d seen every specialist. “I thought I can tidy up my affairs and set a date. “But just about a week before that date, my husband had been researching online and came through and told me about the Thyroid UK charity.

Desperate, depressed and fearing she would never become well, Lorraine set a date in her diary when she would take her own life, reports our sister title The Daily Record.

Luckily, her husband Gavin, 44, found the charity Thyroid UK online and Lorraine discovered others had felt the same agony and despair as her – but had got better.

Lorraine, 48, from Glasgow, said when Drew, now 11, developed problems swallowing solid food, she feared it might be caused by anxiety over her ill-health.

She said: “I thought, ‘I’m harming my son.’ I weighed it up and decided I wasn’t living a life, it was just an existence.

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That was my lifeline and they gave me hope of getting well.” Lorraine first became ill after Drew’s birth when her weight plunged to six stone – dramatically below her usual 9st 7lb – and horrifying on her 5ft 4in frame.

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