Dating white collar men

Dating white collar men

I am a college professor who can lecture fluently in five languages, and I`ve been happily married for 10 years to a truck driver with an 8th-grade education.Intelligence has nothing to do with the level of schooling; decency and caring have nothing to do with the kind of a work a man does; and loyalty has nothing to do with the size of a paycheck.Dear Abby: I read with amusement the letter from ``On the Fence in Waukegan, Ill.,`` the professional career woman who is dating a man who has only a high school education and works in a warehouse.She said, ``He treats me like a queen, but I`m concerned that perhaps he is too simple for me and I might get bored.``Well, I have some advice for her: If he`s as good to you as you say he is, and you love him-marry him.

I married a man seven years my junior, with an 8th-grade education. But only if both parties are mature adults who are sensitive to each other`s needs. His children are grown, mine are still quite young. I`ve dated professional men, but none ever gave me the up-there-in-the-clouds, head-over-heels-in-love feeling I get when I`m with him. This man won`t grow soft and flabby sitting behind a desk all day, and he won`t get a stress-related illness, or have an affair with his secretary.And if we have children (I`m 38 and he`s 36), he won`t be too busy to spend time with his family.I got wind of a very interesting article by way of a commenter on one of the blogs that I write for; the piece was entitled “The Worst Cities for College-Educated Women Trying to Find a Decent Date.” An informative read, the author, Mr.Opposite but equal in Ohio Dear Opposite: Meet another opposite-but-equal couple from a neighboring state: Dear Abby: A few years ago, I shocked my friends and family when I broke my engagement to a well-educated (Rhodes scholar) millionaire business executive to marry a construction worker. He can cook and clean like a pro, and comes home whistling every evening, without stopping at a bar.

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