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Kayak dating

For instance, “Honey, I understand you want to have fun, but please don’t sleep with any of the strippers,” will probably go over much better than, “I’ll kill you if you touch her boobs!

” I recently found out that an ex-girlfriend said that I was “too enthusiastic” during sex, and it’s thrown me off my game. If there’s such a thing as being “too enthusiastic” in bed, I haven’t encountered it.

At the start of what I thought was a fling, I lied about my job. My ex dumped me after we had moved in together, and I still get some of his mail.

Honestly, this is the kind of lie where revealing it is not going to bring good things.

You should continue to lie — say you got fired from the old job and have this great new job now.

Should I put the effort into getting it back to him, or can I just throw it out? If you believe in karma, I would give it back to him.

Am I within my rights to ask him to keep it at a certain level, or should I give him his one night of fun? If you have something to worry about with his bachelor party, you have something to worry about with your marriage altogether.

My fiancé and his friends are planning his bachelor party, and I’m a bit nervous about how wild it’s going to be.

You don’t want to come off as an annoying nag right before your wedding.

I would identify two or three things that would really bother you if they found their way into his plans, then ask him to avoid those things.

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Do you know what specific thing it was that freaked her out? Whatever you do in the throes of ecstasy is your business, and I’m sure you’ll find partners who appreciate it.

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