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Httenberger (German information) and Michelle Stone (U. The numbering system used here by Herr Httenberger begins with the first child [1.] of the original ancestor (Hans Nickel Guelcher) and shows each descending generation added to the right of the decimal, each number segment between decimals denoting the birth order of that person in his family of origin (for example, 1.4.6 would refer to the individual who is the sixth child of a parent who was the fourth child of Hans Nickel Guelcher's oldest child). [] - JACOB GILCHER, butcher, meat-market owner, music-lover, born 28 August 1843 in Hachenbach; served in the Third Bavarian Cavalry, Regiment "Knigin Mutter," of the Third Army Corps during the Franco-Prussian War; emigrated 1871; naturalized 22 October 1877; died 11 April 1906 in Syracuse, New York.To see if there is additional information available on any of these people, try entering the name in the search engine for this website, visit the Onondaga County Genweb Message Board to see if an obituary or other public document has been submitted, and don't forget to try a search on Google. 1843 in Hachenbach to PHILIPPINA HOFFMANN daughter of Johann Hoffmann, b. They lived and worked in the Gilcher Block/Gilcher Hall building built circa 1886 at the corner of Butternut and Lodi Streets on Syracuse's predominantly Germany "North Side" (1324 Lodi Street; 602 - 604 Butternut Street, etc.) Their four children: [ GILCHER, bookbinder, book publisher (Erhard & Gilcher, 218 W.Starting in the 16th or 17th century Hachenbach became known as an area of vineyards.In 1654 the plague raged through Hachenbach, and many victims fell to it. In August of 1815 Russian troops were quartered in Hachenbach, as allies of the Prussians after driving the French from the area, and the enforced necessity for the locals to provide the soldiers with oats, hay, flour, and meat was a heavy burden.Hachenbach [today called Glanbrcken] 49N Latitude, 7E Longitude E of Kusel, SW of Lauterecken, NW of Kaiserslautern in Rheinland-Pfalz (Kreis Kusel) Postal zip code: 66887 Altitude: 237m / 777 feet Today's population: 534 Glanbrcken online: Meinestadt Glanbruecken: The name of Hachenbach was first noted in written records in the year 1150, but the place probably existed at least 100 years before that.Hachenbach emerged, along with many other villages, from the clearing of the Winterhauch Forest (confirmed by documentation from the year 1192), an area north of the Glan River between Baumholder and Idar-Oberstein.

The Glantalbahn (railway along the Glan River) was built in 1902-03, with a station serving Niedereisenbach and Hachenbach in place 1908-1910.Today the two towns have combined and are known as Glanbrcken.The presentation below summarizes information collected and combined by Friedrich F. As with all genealogy, it is never complete, and we welcome corrections and new information.); married on 29 February 1872 in Hachenbach KARL THRONECKER (born 26 June 1846 in Hachenbach) [] - ELISABETH GILCHER, born 6 April 1849 in Hachenbach, died after 1935 (in Syracuse? GILCHER, automobile mechanic, born 7 August 1900 in Syracuse, NY; lived at 210 South Alvord Street; died 11 April 1969 (in Syracuse, NY); married MAY HODES (born in Syracuse, NY; died 3 April 1987 in Syracuse, NY; last residence 210 S. ), Germany, immigrated 1893, died 2 October 1954); they lived at 700 Butternut Street, Syracuse, next to adjacent blacksmith shop Their three sons: [] - WILLIAM F. GILCHER, meatcutter (Schmitt & Gilcher; Litty, Gilcher & Lang; Gilcher & Co.--Michelle Stone DESCENDANTS of JOHANN JACOB GILCHER [] laborer in Horschbach son of Jakob Gilcher and Margarethe Cappel of Horschbach born 15 September 1790 at Horschbach confirmed in 1804 in Horschbach died 7 February 1869 in Hachenbach and ELISABETH KHL / (KOEHL) daughter of Jacob Khl (Koehl) from Oberalben and Elisabeth Reusch of Hachenbach born 19 June 1801 in Hachenbach died 1 November 1872 in Hachenbach who were married 24 September 1818 in Hachenbach [] - JACOB GILCHER, JR. ] - unknown GILCHER, birth order and sex unknown, birthdate and place unknown; died before 1897 [] - JULIUS W. Onondaga St., Syracuse); born February 1886 in Syracuse, NY; died 19 January 1960 in Syracuse, NY; lived at 738 Renwick Ave.; married BESSIE -- [] - ANNA GILCHER, born 12 October 1889; died 7 August 1890 in Syracuse, NY [] - EDITH A. GILCHER, auto mechanic, born in Syracuse, NY; died 26 September 1955; married before 1927 AUDREY B.

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GILCHER, butcher, meat-market proprietor (Gilcher & Co., Syracuse), born 15 October 1877 in Syracuse, NY; [] - CAROLINA PHILIPPINA GILCHER, born 29 November 1845 in Hachenbach; died (between 19? GILCHER, stenographer, born 7 November 1894 in (Syracuse? ); married between 1927-1933 FRED SCHULTZ PETER GILCHER married second: before April 1898 (in Syracuse, NY? --- (maker or dealer of confectionery, born January 1864 in Syracuse, NY of German parents; died 26 October 1922) [] - HERBERT T. ) GILCHER, blacksmith, auto mechanic, machinist, born 23 June 1898 in Syracuse, NY; died in Syracuse, New York. WEIL (born 12 February 1901 in Syracuse, NY; died 23 November 1988 in Syracuse, NY); lived at 121 Mayar Street, Syracuse [] - ADOLPH O.

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