Who is tinchy stryder dating Calcutta xxx chats

Who is tinchy stryder dating

Chatting to Daily Star Online about the new music, the star explained: "With my first three albums you get to know me, but with this one I feel it is more open as me and my fans already know what I'm about."When you meet someone for the fourth time you can be more honest with them, where as the first time you are almost guarded a bit." Speaking candidly about how the tracks serve almost like chapters in a diary, Tinchy continued: "Music is a good way to let out frustrations and aggressions you have as if you go out punching walls or doing something crazy then it's not going to help you."For me, music is a way out for me, almost like a release."I go to the studio almost every day so a lot of the music I record people don't get to hear – but it helps me."Sometimes when I listen back I don't know why I said what I did, but that is because it was how I was feeling in that moment.

"So if I fell out with a girlfriend or something, I would go into the studio and do a song about the whole conversation exactly what has been said, just like a diary."However, Tinchy admits just because he has recorded a solid track, it may not ever be released as he is aware of the drama being too open can cause."If you talk about your experiences there is always something else involved," he continued."I may want to speak about something but the other person may not want that.

"I used to be really wary not to give too much of myself away when I first broke onto the scene…

but now I feel stronger and more confident in myself."There are still parts of my life I want to hold back but the best music is always honest – the more open you are the more people can relate."Growing up in east London, there would have been opportunities for Tinchy to lose sight of his goals and take a more darker route.

I even put plastic bags on my trainers so they don’t get muddy!

“Even when I go to carnivals or festivals, I don’t sleep in a tent.

Tinchy Stryder looks set to have a shock in the Australian jungle, as he has never been camping before.

As well as founding the Star in the Hood clothing line, he merged his entertainment company Takeover Entertainment with Jay-Z’s Rock Nation to create Takeover Roc Nation. In fact, the 29-year-old admits without music he could have easily been led astray.Tinchy said: "Music is such a blessing for me as others don't have that way to release but I do and I'm grateful for that."I go into the studio I turn my phone off and it is a way to get it out – even if i don't release that track."Having that platform has definitely helped keep me on the straight and narrow – it has given me aims and motivation," he explained.Before adding: "The bottom line is that people always want more and if they see a guy with a flash car etc.they want to do what he did to get it."With me, Wiley was my role model but for others they may look up to other people who aren't getting money from MCing and they fall into something negative." Unlike many artists, Tinchy is adamant he will never sellout in a bid to bring in the money or top the charts.

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Instead, he wants to be known for his own style and brand, not as an artist who features on tracks for a quick buck.

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